Sunday, February 3, 2013

rose creams.

I admit that I've been a bit remiss with the blog this past year. What can I say? PhDs take up a lot of time. I got distracted by a smattering of things. My tiny kitchen finally got the better of me. I know the cliché about blaming your tools, but seriously... my tiny kitchen makes me want to stab myself with my otherwise brilliant kitchen tools. It's impossible at times. But, like so many things, it's not forever.

Some things are meant to come and go. Tiny kitchens. Romances. Bouts of homesickness. But the one thing I really didn't want to end was my box of Charbonnel et Walker chocolates. I received them on my birthday back in August and somehow, miraculously, managed to ration them until this week, when I ate the final chocolate. My favourite. A rose cream.

I can't quite describe these tiny gems other than to say that they are so childishly sweet, grandmotherishly floral, and ever so slightly bittered by their dark chocolate shell. Pale pink fondant, laced with rose water, perfect for quietly nibbling on with a cup of tea in hand. You don't need many of these. After all, I saved a single one for five months!


400 gr. icing sugar (give or take)
3 Tbsp. rose water
2 Tbsp. double cream
1/2 tsp. beetroot juice (for pink colouring, optional)
4 oz. dark chocolate
1 tsp. vegetable oil

1. Mix your icing sugar, rose water, cream, and beetroot juice until you have a thick, dry paste. It should be dry enough to gently knead by hand, so add more icing sugar if needed. It should form a soft 'dough'. Knead for a minute, then chill for twenty minutes.

2. Take bean-sized bits of the fondant and roll into small ball shapes. Place them on a piece of parchment and chill for a further ten minutes.

3. Over a double boiler, melt your chocolate and oil together. Once melted, dip each ball of fondant into the chocolate, dripping off any excess, and leave to cool on a sheet of parchment. Chill.

Best eaten cool, with a cup of bitter tea, while listening to (reviving an old tradition!) Blue Roses (Laura Groves).


Anonymous said...

These turned out so lovely!


SEO Services said...

I have been meaning to try to make Rose creams for a while now, for a multitude of different reasons. Though primarily because they are my Father's favourite chocolates. I have read a number of different recipes but was unsure as to the merits of each. Consequently I dove in the deep end and experimented. Many of the recipes contained either both or one of, rose syrup or double cream. I was skeptical of the cream as I was worried that it might make them go off quicker and the syrup because frankly I can't find anywhere not on the internet that stocks it and who actually ever gets around to making a recipe where they have to source ingredients from the internet only to ever use a couple of tables spoons out of a large bottle. I therefore based my recipe on peppermints creams which would mean that I would only need the readily available rose water. It did mean that they were marginally crumblier in texture.


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